Piper Archer II & Arrow III

Piper Archer II

  • A bigger version of the cherokee but with but with the same sitting configuration
  • Has a 180 BHP engine with R.P.M of 2750
  • 4 seater
  • Awesome stability
  • Low wing that are 25% longer spanwise than that of piper cherokee and also thin for easy maneuverability and to reduce induce drag making it the fastest in piston normally aspirated non-variable pitch engine with cruise speeds up to 130 KTS
  • Long range tanks
  • Fall autopilot in one axis
  • With a climb rate of 1500FPM
  • Good for CPL x-country and low building
  • Leather interior

Piper Arrow III

  • 4 seater
  • 201 BPH turbo engine , retractable gear
  • Cruise speeds upto 180KTS
  • Vortex generator
  • 2 axis autopilot
  • Very satble in cruise
  • Climb rate of 1500 FPM
  • Long range tanks 6 hours 4BD
  • Full instrument rating
  • The pride of skylink
  • Variable pitch propeler, turbo charged engine giving much higher service ceiling
  • Good for instrument training, x-countries and international x-countries across international boundaries. Offers complex siege engine and instrument rating (IR) experience.
  • With its speed it rivals small commutal aircrafts like the Cessna caravan 12 seater and the twin-outer. Making a trip to Mombasa 1 hours 15 min only, 15 min later than major aircrafts
  • Leather interior