gAt skylink we have the 3rd generation Aircraft, newer model trainers that break down down less often and are very safe for training.

Our fleet consist of modern but less fuel consuming Aircraft, the 3rd generation models, reducing our cost and easy on the candidates' pockets. We offer a range of experience by training on both high and low wing Aircraft which allow a candidate complete his/her training at Skylink with multiple ratings in his/her license.

Cessna 150 AerobatSingle EngineVFR
Cessna 152 HSparrow HawkSingle EngineIFR
Cessna 172 K Sky HawkSingle EngineVFR
Cessna 172 M Sky HawkSingle EngineIFR
Cessna 172 XP Super HawkSingle EngineIFR
PA 28-140/160 CherokeeSingle EngineIFR
PA 28-181 CherokeeSingle EngineVFR
PA 42-180T SeminoleMulti-EngineIFR