ground trainingSkylink Flight Services is an ATO (Approved training Organization) Center and offers modern ground training in class with the CBT programs integrated in their grounds (theory) training, Theory lessons at Skylink are offered in a secluded place far from Aircraft noise which offers a good ambiance for lessons.

We offer integrated lessons, which combines both flying and ground training to all maximum understanding. By integrating, our candidates are able to practice what they have learned in class hence easy and efficient way to learn. Where as the average pass mark at Kenya Civil Aviation Authority is 70% for grounds, at Skylink our students must attain an average of 85% in their internal mocks before allowed to attempt their exams. Skylink students have a record of passing the KCAA exams at their first sitting with an average of 75% well beyond the threshold required by the Authority. This gives our students an edge over others in terms of performance and securing jobs. In fact, a challenge is given for any student who is signed out by Skylink to attempt their exams and fail to pass a 1/2 of their papers. grounds fee will be refunded or a private tuition will be done for free by Skylink.

With the integrated system, our candidates are able to finish PPL in 2 - 3 Months and Commercial License CPL in 7 - 8 Months, Multi IR in 2 months. If all the factors are corrected one can finish their Pilot training between 1 1/2 years. We also offer other courses like CRM (Crew Resource Management), Cabin Crew Training, Flight Dispatch.