aeronutical-engineeringSkylink is one of the leading flying Schools in Kenya that provide flight training and related services. We are located at Wilson  Airport,Antipest Bulding, 2nd Floor. Having realized the need for quality aviation services, the company was founded on the 11th July 2010, wit the intention of providing affordable, progressive and quality training in the Kenyan Aviation industry.

What you study

 Year 1:
Introduces you to Aircraft flight and Systems. You will also gain the basic knowledge and skills that are applicable to all areas of engineering, such as mechanics, heat, fluids, design and mathematics. All subjects are taught in a challenging and active leaning environment.

Course Content

Mechanical Engineering
Piston Engine

Workshop Technology
Basic Electricity and projects.

Year 2:
Continue with your detailed education in key areas of Aeronautical Engineering. Course units in Aircraft design, Aircraft performance, flight dynamics and control systems provide the technical foundations for project work. Units in Aerodynamics, propulsion, Structures and dynamics provide the underlying scientific base. You also study further mathematics and numerical methods.