99Our instructors are professional aviators who are ready to provide you with exemplary service, through commitment to safety. Whether your goal is to fly part time for recreation or to pursue a career in aviation, our highly trained and committed instructors team are ready to offer you the best experience of your life. We believe you have the dream to fly, and we have the wings. Stop by today and find out what makes Skylink different from the others.


At skylink; safety of our students our most top priority during their training. Whereas KCAA requires aircrafts to be serviced after every 75 hours, at skylink we do much better by servicing them after 60 hours; making our aircrafts even much safer and reduces the downtime and inconvenience of aircraft breakdown. To triple our margin of safety, Skylink has an in-house engineer that makes sure our aircrafts are at a serviceable condition before every flight because life is precious to us all.


We have highly trained personnel and staff. Instructors are also full-time, available to students seven days a week, not just on limited days or hours, as is the case with many other flight schools. This allows the highly motivated student to progress through training more quickly.

All our grounds instructors are CPL holders with more than 3 years teaching experience. We have SME (subject matter expert) to train in grounds. Retired air force ground instructors give that discipline and seriousness in flying.

Most of Skylink staff is young giving our candidates mentorship and ability to think beyond the box. Age does not translate to good airmanship or experience, it passion that shapes ones airmanship.


To provide the best quality and safe flight training services in the region to all without prejudice at affordable and friendly rates.


To equipe our cadets with professionalism that becomes first nature in all aspects of their training which will become their lifestyle

CBT(Computer Based Training)

At Skylink we offer computer based training and tests for preparation of students on their theoretical exams. Every student needs to take a pre test on every topic before taking the main exams At KCAA.